exhibition / curation / publication
Zwitschermaschine / SoundsAbout, Berlin

Curated exhibition with various screenings, performances, and talks, about the intermediality of sound, urban environment and water. The curatorial approach was to commission new works in any form or medium that would research and incorporate on the tripartite relation.
The artists were invited to contribute with their version of the documentation, reflexions or derivative works on their pieces, for a printed/digital self published fanzine.
With works by Kayla Elrod, Filipe Felizardo & Isobel A., Aodhagán O'Flaherty, Margarida Mendes, Katharina Schmidt, Adrian Schindler & Eulàlia Rovira, Cru Encarnação, Isabella Önjo, Kristoffer Raasted & Ragnhild May & Morten Winther Nielsen, Ani Samperi, Yun Liang, Diane Barbé, Augustė Vickunaitė, Nina Guo, Francisco Petrucci, and Tarxun (design).

Water≈sound≈city - Emerging perspectives from the three-way crossing of the watery, the sonic, and the urban