Arduino, photocells, bone, pvc, steel, loudspeakers, laptop, audio interface, candles, incense, laser pointers, zink.
“Unit of Measurement” group exhibition St. Thomas Kirchhof, CTM Vorspiel

A site specific installation, in a vaulted and square storage room at the St. Thomas graveyard, that opens a reflexive and meditative dimension on the crossover of matter, technology, and time. The installation is comprised of a vertical plexiglas and zink sculpture that posits in stages the equipment involved: laptop, sound card, arduino, and a partial skullcap bone, where four photocells are embedded.

Shrine of Spectral Temporality
On each 4 corners of the room there is one loudspeaker playing one sine tone, the four of them amounting to a microtonal chord tuned to the space in order to create standing waves in front of the sculpture. Upon the four photocells embedded in the skull, beam four red laser pointers installed on the vaulted ceiling. Each laser pointer is tagged with the GPS coordinates of their position in the space. On the floor there is a jar with incense sticks that can be lit by visitors and placed on the skull bone. The smoke of the incense as it crosses the laser beams creates variations in the intensity of light and modulate microtonally the frequencies of each of the four sine wave oscillators playing back subtly modulating the standing waves.