Site specific Installation / Performance
Found objects, loudspeaker, wireless audio system, microphone

The ice house in the Sauen manor lies at the edge of the living quarters, beyond it extends a small farming field which ends with a forest. The ice house is a domed brick construction in times used as a natural refrigerator and for the storing of ice.
A table for the performer is set outside, with found objects (rocks, old metal tools, dirt, leaves, etc.), and a microphone.
Inside its peculiar reverberating space, hangs a 360° loudspeaker. An audience sits on the round bench. It is night, and the ice house is lit only with a few candles. There is a single window framing the dimly illuminated fields until the light fades.
The performance consists on an improvised electroacoustic session. The performer is alone outside at night and responds to the environment situation, making foley sounds for an imaginary nightscape.

Out here