w/ Gonçalo Sena
Iron, coral, reed, risographic print, vegetable leaves, glue, concrete, canvas, chair, copper pigment, copper, transducers, loudspeakers, amplifiers, media player.
Galeria Antecâmara, Lisbon, PT

Orla was the first collaboration between me primarily a sound artist, and Gonçalo Sena a visual artist and designer.
Orla emerges out of collaborative research and experimentation on the possibilities of diegesis between the visual and the sonic arts in the context of architecture. We visited a cave by the ocean where we recorded the peculiar sound of the waves hitting and carving the rocks. We sculpted abstract iron elements that drew space in different dimensions as some elements of urban design do. We collected natural debris and embedded sound in them, such as leaves for which an insectoid sound was designed and, and canes which gurgled as if a larynx connected a voice to an underground sea. We found a garden chair showing weather patterns. We disemboweled and reassembled in a new form a loudspeaker to become a moving membrane.
The result was an installation qua environment that proposed modes of encountering and transforming natural and artificial designs. The installation is comprised of different pieces that open new processes of transmutation between the body, perception, and matter. Each piece and the whole offer vibrant sensory pathways affording new relationships between things - the poetics of manufactured naturalist fantasies.