Assembled found objects, wire, hot glue, wood, cardboard, transducer, loudspeaker, amplifier, media player.
Ackerstadtpalast, Berlin DE

In the peculiarly decorated foyer of the Ackerstadtpalast multiple sonified found objects were assembled and installed more or less inconspicuously to produce a trashy, murmuring, visual and aural space. Objects embodied, sounded, and spoke about waste, labour, addiction, pollution, in a post-apocalyptic atmosphere.
Responding to the theatricality of the space, the installation objects are treated as characters. The characters are a rock and a paperweight, and a choir composed by an upright piano, a metal insect, and two trash assemblages.
On the ceiling hanging from a rotating dark flat circle, a rock and a paperweight, discuss work, booze, gravity, leisure. The upright piano laments. The big metal bug snaps at things. The trash beings, speak in rustles, noises, vibrating dirt and bones. The murmuring world resonates in fragments of everyday life and the lively indiscernibility that goes with it.

murmurs, voices,
stuffed, embedded
in the crevices of things,
occurring, eventual.
produced, designed
by pressure, friction, relaxation
of whatever moves,
at the passageway,
or yonder most holes,
like mouths, anuses, cavities, manholes, birth canals, keyholes, bullet holes,
holes in houses, rocks, trees, lungs, brains, nipples, jail cells, or in memory.