site specific installation
Audio transducers, amplifiers, media player, subwoofer chassis, projection, arduino, photocells
Collegium Hungaricum, finalists group exhibition Sound Studies & Sonic Arts MA Universität der Künste Berlin

A dualistic installation for a non-place. In a nondescript hallway end of the Collegium Hungaricum, and depending on whether the light was on or off, visitors could experience one, the other, or both versions of the installation. Comprised of sounds of ventilation and/or breathing, moving sound or non-sounding speaker chassis, and a video projection with misprinted characters or an image of a dash character sculpted in stone, the installation aimed to intervene in an otherwise dull space via enhancement of its eeriness and vagueness and adding abstract elements to that perceptual spatiality, affording genius loci to a non-place.