sound art
w/ Filipa Cordeiro + Astvaldur Thorisson
Radio Antecâmara - Garagem Sul/Centro Cultural de Belém, Lisbon PT

4 radio pieces: ‘Memórias Supraterrâneas I e II’, ‘Rio Seco’, ‘Ponte 25 de Abril’
These four radio pieces were created in collaboration during the radio residence of Radio Antecâmara at Garagem Sul/Centro Cultural de Belém. Each of the episodes was produced by embodying and performing research methods that revealed, created, or engaged with peculiar forms of relationship to the urban sonic, social, and architectural environment in the area of Lisbon. erosÃo, or erosion in English, is a typographical pun that functions in the portuguese language to give accent to the deep, erotic, and renewing potential of erosion, the friction between things, their destruction or mutation, and the emergence of the new thereafter. We visited old damp caves in new gentrified neighbourhoods, we spoke to an outcast man living in another cave, we found love and perversion in the streets, we heard a bridge sing and made music with it, and discovered a population of hundreds of only white chickens in a public park.