w/ Filipe Pirl
Audio based participatory site specific intervention
Wireless headphones, wireless microphones, field mixer, effects processors, sampler
“I love the things I kill the most” group exhibition, Dzialdov Gallery Berlin

For 2 performers and open to participants invited to experience and play with the way sound, voice, story telling, modulates perception of the actual moment.
Set on the margins of the Landwehrkanal in Kreuzberg, the intervention aimed at creating a parallel immersive reality on site. Curious bystanders, guests, and friends could pick up wireless headphones from the Dzialdov gallery and enter the live broadcast. The broadcast consisted of a live radio show where the performers reported or commented on situational and site specific elements, like police raids, people floating on boats, being lost, or entering into moments of karaoke or story telling with the participants.

Change the Kanal