MA Thesis
Hybrid Theory & Practice
Sound Studies & Sonic Arts / Universität der Künste Berlin

The MA thesis "Sounding Now" reflects the theoretical pathways that I explored as an attempt to find a ground in theory and thought for the artistic research practice that was fulfilled in parallel (and presented in the form of the multimedia object
The thesis departs from an exploration of the phenomenology of the present moment grounded on the subjective experience of embodied time and space to reflect on the multitude of events inherent to such experiences. It goes on to focus on the concept of logos which encapsulates the capacity to speak and to listen, where I also close read a critique of the one-sided logocentric tendency of thought becoming associated with speech acts rather than with listening acts, as offered by Gemma Corradi Fiumara in "The Other Side of Language: A Philosophy of Listening". A critique of logocentric subjectivity and derivative knowledge production follows, to propose the poetic mode as the only mode that affords emancipatory (vs exploitative) potential for mediation of not only art and thought, verbality and non-verbality, but for the poiesis of subjectivity itself too. The thesis is the verbal and logical register of a theoretical and poetic research, which is paralled by an artistic process that grounds the theory in the practice, without the theory and the practice being brought to a conformity of objectives, techniques, or purposes, but rather of two of modes of achieving freedom and responsibility and the experience and knowledge that emerges from them.

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Sounding Now